The museum takes place on the first floor of the building that was owned by the family d'Annunzio: the first museum exhibition, with displays of archival documents, photographs and memorabilia from the Italian Vittoriale Gardone Riviera was built by the Foundation 's announcement on the occasion of the centenary of the birth of the poet. This exposure was kept until 1993 when, during restoration interior, was organized a new museum, which includes a visit to the individual rooms of the house-museum store furniture and antique furniture and wall decorations of particular artistic value. Each room is illustrated with a caption that proposes tracks of the Night in which the poet recalls with words full of feeling both environments and the people he care.Il Museum is enriched by educational panels in which they are given about the family of the poet, with literary references and photos and the reconstruction of the events that saw him star of sensational episodes during the First World War and in the company of Rijeka.